Unlike numerous other blogs that seek to profit from their content, this one has a different priority: to translate and express what's in my head—if anything worth sharing—and to force myself to spend time thinking about what I did in a given day that is worth living for. For this reasoon, the blog will likely lack structure, lack focus, and have posts of everything and nothing at the same time. Some posts may be super short, some may be on life issues, on amazing experiences, on mundane tasks, on anything I consider deserves one's attention. I do not intend to be complete, to be strict, nor to please anyone beyond what may happen as a side effect of sharing my mind. I also do not intend to hurt, nor offend anyone, though I forsee that if there's ever a broad and diverse audience, it may inevitably happen. If it does, I'm sorry ahead of time, and I ask to not take any of my words too seriously. These are meerly explorations on life and all related matters of our times, from a very subjective point of view.

Why have a blog when there are so many amazing ones out there?
I've asked myself that question several times, but the need to write my ideas keep lurking through the years. I will explore the concept of writing as a habit in a future blog post, but for now it should suffice to say that I write for selfish reasons. I write because I have opinions which often deviate from the normal and expected. These thoughts, need an outlet, and a blog can serve this purpose. For some people Twitter does the trick, but for some reason it didn't work for me. I could also just write private notes—which I do—but there is some incentive in sharing and in knowing that there may be others that find value in one's ideas and experiences. Perhaps the human greed for acceptance and recognition might be a good driving force that will get me to write more and share more.